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Shady Brook Animal Hospital

Isolation for Illness

Shady Brook Animal Hospital offers comfortable isolation units for pets who have a contagious illness.

At Shady Brook Animal Hospital, we have special isolation units for pets who contract a disease that could be passed on to humans or other pets. Like the rest of our facilities, we make sure that your pet is comfortable and closely monitored while they are in isolation. Our Magnolia veterinary team will care for your pet as they recover from their illness up until they are healthy and non-contagious. We make sure to follow strict safety protocols to ensure that we don’t spread disease outside of the isolation unit. By using disposable masks, gloves, and gowns and by ensuring that we dispose of potentially contaminated material properly, we’re able to keep your pet safe, as well as our staff and other pets in the hospital.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer rabies quarantine.