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Shady Brook Animal Hospital

Exotic Pet Surgery

Shady Brook Animal Hospital is pleased to offer some surgical procedures and consultations for your exotic pet.

Exotic pets require a different kind of surgical care than cats and dogs – even for routine procedures. At Shady Brook Animal Hospital, we can spay and neuter your rabbits and help determine what kind of services your exotic pets may need. Because surgery on exotic animals is so unusual, you will need to talk to Dr. Sarah Neaderhouser about your pet’s unique situation.

Any surgical procedure we perform will be entirely at Dr. Neaderhouser’s discretion, and she is available 3 days per week to help with your pet’s care. If your rabbit needs to be spayed or neutered, you can trust Dr. Neaderhouser to ensure that your pet gets the specialized attention they need, and if we can’t help with a specific procedure, we’ll let you know why it isn’t advisable or refer you to someone even more specialized.